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Sabana Industrial REIT is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability in the conduct of our business. In line with this commitment, we have adopted an internal Code of Conduct which sets out the principles of conduct to guide employees in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The Code of Conduct also sets out the appropriate behaviour for employees.

With our zero-tolerance stance towards any form of illegal, unethical, fraudulent, or improper activity, we have a Whistle-blowing Policy in place which provides an additional avenue for employees and stakeholders to raise concerns. This Policy provides a channel for employees and stakeholders to report, without fear of retaliation, discrimination or adverse consequences, on any actual or suspected wrongdoing and improper conduct that they may observe on the part of our employees and Directors in their course of work, in particular, with respect to their obligations to the interests of Sabana Industrial REIT.

If you suspect or are aware of any wrongdoing or improper conduct involving Sabana Industrial REIT’s employees or Directors, please lodge a report promptly through any of the following whistle-blowing channels:

Mail: Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee
151 Lorong Chuan
#02-03 New Tech Park
Singapore 556741

For more information on our Whistle-blowing Policy, please click here.