Email This Print ThisInterested Person/Party Transactions (IPTs) Policy

The Manager has established procedures to ensure that all IPTs should be undertaken on an arm’s length basis and on normal commercial terms, which are generally no more favourable than those extended to unrelated third parties. Thus, the interests of the REIT and the Unitholders will not be prejudiced.

The Manager demonstrates to its Audit and Risk Committee ("ARC") that such transactions satisfy the foregoing criteria, which may entail obtaining (where practicable) quotations from parties unrelated to the Manager; or obtaining two or more valuations from independent professional valuers (in accordance with the Property Funds Appendix).

The following IPTs are subjected to regular periodic reviews by the ARC:

For IPTs entered into or to be entered into by the Trustee, the Trustee is required to consider the terms of such transactions to satisfy itself that such transactions are conducted on an arm’s length basis and on normal commercial terms, are not prejudicial to the interests of the REIT and the Unitholders, and are in accordance with all applicable requirements of the Property Funds Appendix and/or the Listing Manual relating to the transaction in question.

Further, the Trustee has the ultimate discretion under the Trust Deed to decide whether or not to enter into an IPT. If the Trustee is to sign any IPT contract, the Trustee will review the contract to ensure that it complies with the requirements relating to IPTs as well as such other guidelines as may from time to time be prescribed by the MAS and the SGX-ST to apply to real estate investment trusts.

The Manager maintains a register to record all IPTs entered into by the REIT and incorporates into its internal audit plan a review of the IPTs. The ARC reviews the internal audit reports to ascertain that the guidelines and procedures established to monitor IPTs have been complied with. In addition, the Trustee also has the right to review such audit reports to ascertain that the Property Funds Appendix have been complied with. The ARC periodically reviews all IPTs to ensure compliance with the Manager’s internal control procedures and with the relevant provisions of the Property Funds Appendix and/or the Listing Manual. The review includes the examination of the nature of the transactions and the supporting documents or such other data deemed necessary by the ARC.

Details of all IPTs (equal to or exceeding S$100,000 each in value) entered into by Sabana Industrial REIT will be disclosed on its Annual Report.