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With effect from 19 November 2012, Substantial Unitholders will have to inform the REIT Manager and the Trustee of his/her interest or change in interest in the voting units in the REIT via relevant electronic forms prescribed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS"). Such notification must be made within 2 business day of the substantial unitholder becoming aware:

How to submit the electronic forms

  1. Download Form 3 and Form C from MAS website at
  2. Complete the forms and email them to:
  3. The REIT Manager will disseminate the electronic forms as part of the required announcement via SGX Net within one business day.

Important Points

  1. Forms 3 and C can be completed using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or newer versions, and Adobe Reader 9.0 or newer versions (Download free Adobe Reader at
  2. "Save as Draft" function allows you to save a draft copy of the electronic forms when you are not ready to submit them. You may continue to edit the forms and add/delete attachments after re-opening the forms.
  3. "Save as Final" function is to be used when you have completed all the mandatory fields in the forms and are ready to submit them. Once the electronic forms are saved as final, all the fields in the forms will be "Locked". Further amendments cannot be made.
  5. "Copying information" from one form (draft or final version) to another of the same number and version can be done by using Export XML and Import XML buttons. These buttons are located at the bottom right-hand corner of the electronic forms.
  6. If you encounter difficulties accessing the electronic forms, please call the MAS at +65 6225 5577 for assistance.

Back-end Refund for Income Distribution

Form R1 (Foreign Non-Individuals)

Form R2 (Depository Agents)

Frequently Asked Questions

Updating your unitholdings

You can access your unitholdings in Sabana REIT via the internet at