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Period Full Year
Dec 2022
Full Year
Dec 2021
Full Year
Dec 2020
(Income/Latest No. Of Units)
0.04746 0.04391 -0.03797
(Unitholders' Funds/Latest No. Of Units Issued)
0.5269 0.5001 0.4855
Price Earnings Ratio (PER)
8.22 8.88 n.a.
Price / Revenue
(Price x Latest No. Of Units/Revenue)
4.569 5.293 6.047
Net Earnings Margin
55.600% 59.597% -58.869%
Revenue Growth
((Current Year Revenue - Last Year Revenue) / Last Year Revenue)
15.863% 14.242% -6.074%
Distributable Income Growth
((Current Year Distributable Income - Last Year Distributable Income) / Last Year Distributable Income)
1.741 11.659 -5.312
Return On Asset (ROA)
(Income/Total Assets)
5.367% 5.024% -4.535%
Return On Unitholders' Funds
(Income/Unitholders' Funds)
9.008% 8.781% n.a.
Current Ratio
(Current Assets/Current Liabilities)
0.634 1.196 0.144
  1. Adjusted Fundamental Data is data that is adjusted for unit splits, bonus issues, unit consolidations, rights issues and other changes in units issued. The latest number of units is used to calculate these adjusted ratios and is applied right across all the full year results. ShareInvestor updates the total number of units in issue on a best effort basis.
  2. Unit splits, bonus issues, unit consolidations and rights issues are updated on the ex-date whereas other changes in number of units issued are updated within 7 working days of the release of the company's latest Results Announcement.
  3. The 'Income' used in the Financial Ratios refers to the Net Investment Income Available For Distribution.